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We talk to featured photographer Jen Rogers

Orange Fig’s cards feature photographic images captured by excellent and enthusiastic photographers. Read Anoushka’s interview with Jen Rogers to find out more about the creator behind the camera…

Jen Rogers with her camera
Image provided by Jane Kearney

It goes without saying, Jen is a phenomenally inspiring photographer. I met Jen shortly after I had first started out taking photographs and she has shared her knowledge and spent time helping me discover new locations and new skills.

When I first came up with the concept of featuring other photographers within Orange Fig, Jen was the first person to come to mind, with such a unique style and so many fabulous images. I was delighted when she said yes!

Here is an insight into her photography, her inspiration and how she battles the elements to get award winning images!

When did you start taking photographs?

My parents bought me an old Praktica camera for my birthday in 1993 which coincided with a move to Scotland and the discovery of hill walking. I discovered I could capture Scotland’s amazing scenery and that’s where it all began.

What do you strive to achieve through your photographs?

For me, photography is about capturing the light and the beauty of the landscape, and an excuse to be outdoors.  I have a great love of the outdoor and wild places and this is what I strive to reflect in my photography.

Where are we likely to find you taking images?

I live in Bideford and have easy access to the spectacular North Devon and Cornish coastlines. I particularly enjoy shooting seascapes and am usually to be found balanced on a rock or immersed in the water. I rarely come home with dry feet!

How has your photography developed over time?

I have recently developed an interest in astrophotography, there is something magical about being out under the stars. I particularly like to capture the milky way or star trails over the sea and/or in the context of the wider landscape.

Tell us about an extreme location you have photographed and whether it was worth it?

Which one to choose? I often seem to find myself balanced on rocks in extreme situations…

In 2009 I was lucky enough to spend 3 months in Nepal and Tibet, two locations were particularly challenging, we trekked up to Annapurna base camp which was fabulous and I photographed my first star trail over the Annapurnas. I only lasted 20 minutes at -12 in the dark but it was an incredible experience.

In Tibet we travelled to the far west of the country to trek around Mt Kailash, on the way there we had to drive through bad lands and spent a day teetering along dirt tracks with big drops off to one side. I spent most of the time with white knuckles clinging to the door handle but I do have a lovely shot of the amazing sand stone formations and prayer stupa. Both definitely worth it although Tibet was a very challenging destination.

What are your photography plans for the next 12 months?

I’m planning on lots more astrophotography, I’ve got several locations in mind in Cornwall and Pembrokeshire this summer. I’m delighted also to have been asked by Adrian Beasley to jointly run a seascape astrophotography course in September based in North Devon.

Which of your cards available from Orange Fig your favourite and why?

Probably ‘Stars in the Pool‘ as it was one of my first astrophotography shots I was really pleased with. There is something magical about capturing star reflections on water.

As well as being an Orange Fig featured photographer, Jen’s work has been published in Outdoor Photography, Devon Life, The Exmoor National Park guide, Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year book, and the Astronomy Photographer of the Year book. Most of her amazing work can be seen on her website or on instagram – we highly recommend you follow on her journey!

My favourite greetings card is A Midsummer Night’s Dream – I love the beautiful star trails, the reflections in the pool and the silhouette of the trees on the bank – to me it says ‘dreams can come true’.

Jen has a range of 12 greetings cards – which one do you like best? Let us know in the comments below and what it says to you.