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We talk to featured photographer Judith White

Orange Fig’s greetings cards feature photographic images captured by excellent and enthusiastic photographers. Read Anoushka’s interview with Judith White to find out more about the creator behind the camera…

I met Judith through the fabulous beginners photography course, ‘A Year With My Camera‘. I always enjoyed Judith’s images and in particular, her still life images, which were effective and creative.

Judith completed her RPS qualification in October 2015 and is currently working on a wildflower project to be submitted for qualification with the Guild of Photographers.

You can read more about Judith and what inspires her in the interview below.

When did you start taking photos?

I have been taking photos on and off since my teens, but it has been my main hobby and passion for about 10 years.

What do you strive to achieve through your photographs?

I like to make images that give pleasure to me and to anyone else looking at them. I am always striving to improve and make better images.

Where are we likely to find you taking images?

You’re most likely to find me in a garden. I love flower and garden photography. 

Tell us about an extreme location you have photographed and whether it was worth it?

I don’t know about extreme, but I’ve taken photographs in a garden at the top of a London skyscraper, and in a cave under the Mendip Hills where cheese is matured!

I think the most unusual place was in a meadow burial site just outside of Bath. The company were running a photography competition, which I won! They felt that my image “said something subliminal about the grieving process” and gave me a plot. So yes, it was definitely worth going there but I don’t plan to claim my prize any time soon though!

What are your photography plans for the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months, my main goal is to gain my Qualified status with the Guild of Photographers. I also want to expand my range of greetings card designs.

Which of your cards available from Orange Fig is your favourite and why?

Of my cards available from Orange Fig, my favourite is “Daisy in a Bottle”. During Lockdown 1, I was unable to visit the grand gardens that I love so much, so I had to look for photography opportunities close to home. It was during walks in local, quiet spaces that I really started to appreciate the simple beauty of wildflowers. I started growing wildflowers at home and now there are lots more bees in the garden, which I also enjoy photographing (two of my cards are of bees!).

My favourite greetings card is ‘With Love’ – i think this is a fabulous card, especially good as a ‘Welcome to your New Home’ card.

Take a look at Judith’s card collection

Judith has a range of 6 greetings cards – which one do you like the best?