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Introducing Orange Fig!

Orange Fig was launched in January 2021 with no expectations, just a desire to try something new and different. Starting with a range of 30 photographic greetings cards, packaged in custom boxes designed for a perfect fit, the website went live to see what would happen… Founder, Anoushka Lynd, talks about her journey.

Orange Fig cards and boxes

Since the launch of Orange Fig I have been on a roller-coaster of excitement. My head is spinning with ideas, concepts and developments. It’s in a permanent state of whirlwind activity. Every time I launch a new featured photographer, gain a new follower on social media, a new email subscriber, or make a greetings card sale, I am ecstatic!

And after many months of this state of mind and listening to podcasts, reading blogs, watching webinars, I had to make some decisions and decide what to focus on first.

The Elevator Pitch

Everyone says you have to start here – be clear, communicate your vision, tell people why they might want to be part of your community.

…Uhhh… stuck at this first hurdle…

But then it dawned on me, Orange Fig was born out of a desire to connect with people through images. To give a sense of purpose to the images. To use images to help others connect with people they know.  From talking to other photographers I found this isn’t just something I strive for. In a world of social media it’s so easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond. We can try to sell our images on over-crowded market places with little quality control, but it’s not appealing, there is no real connection between the buyers and the sellers.

So here it is – ‘the elevator pitch’:

Orange Fig helps its customers mark meaningful moments with their family and friends.

We are here to help you send the right message at the right time. Our timeless collection of blank greetings cards are perfect for special occasions, for saying happy birthday, sending well wishes, or simply just to say ‘Hi’!

Images speak louder than words and help you connect in a special way. Your loved ones will be delighted with your thoughtful card from the Orange Fig range that they will want to frame it and keep it forever.

Mark Meaningful Moments

And so we begin to build a community – a community of photographers and caring people who together can mark meaningful moments in a unique, new and exciting way!  By joining our community you will:

  • Be first to hear when we are searching for new products
  • Be first to hear about new product launches
  • Help influence our product choices
  • Receive exclusive offers

…And, I promise not to block up your email with junk!

Lonely Surfer by Anoushka Lynd

In the spirit of marking a meaningful moment here is the image I took that signalled the start of my photography journey. It was the first photograph I took off auto that I was really proud of, and remain proud of to this day.

It has also been one of the most popular cards on offer – it’s great to use my meaningful moment to help you create a new one!

Do you have a photo you are really proud of?

Leave a comment below, or share your image on social media. Tag us @orangefiguk or use the hashtag #orangefigcards and we will share some of them! You can find and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!